How To Reduce Waste During The Holiday Season

How To Reduce Waste During The Holiday Season

We are nearing the end of the year which means lots of holidays and festivals like Deepavali, Christmas and even New Years. Besides being the season of joy, giving and love, the holiday season is also the time when we produce waste the most. When it comes to the amount of waste we create, the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality simply doesn’t apply, since all the trash we produce has to end up somewhere. You guessed it - they end up in landfills. Malaysia is currently running out of landfills, exacerbated by the whopping 38 million kilograms of waste we create daily.

Doing better for the environment is a goal that has no off-days. Regardless of the season or circumstance, it’s important to always do our best to reduce waste and take care of the earth. That being said, let’s find out some ways you can reduce waste during the holiday season. 

1. Create Lists

It’s relatively easy to forget all about what we really went to the store for when we see all the exciting and tempting things on the shelves. Making clear and concise lists with just our necessities is a sure way to avoid overconsumption and creating waste. Especially during the holiday season, it’s important to plan ahead and stick to the list.

2. Shop Locally

While we generally only take into account factors like shipping speed, overseas purchases have more downsides than requiring a longer ship-time. When we order items from abroad, there’s a rather high increase in waste produced in the process. Between resources like extra manpower and transportation leading to pollution, international orders also lead to more waste in terms of packaging. When you shop locally, not only are you supporting the local economy and livelihood, you’re also causing less waste. 

3. Zero-Waste Stores

Unbeknownst to many, Malaysia is the home to many zero-waste stores. Over the years, there has been an increase in options for more eco-friendly products - made possible largely by these zero-waste stores. If you’d like to know more, we’ve already created an article about Zero-Waste Stores in the Malaysia for you to check out! From food to daily necessities, you can find almost everything you need from these stores, and can even get your goods delivered to your doorstep! You can even find some gift-worthy items for your holiday gift exchanges! 

4. Reusable, not Disposable

It’s a common occurrence in Malaysia to go all out during festive seasons. You’ve most likely seen (or participated in) annual house-makeovers, new decorations every year and other actions that make use of disposable items and one-time-only practices. This lifestyle choice is extremely wasteful, and while we all want a beautiful space during the holiday season, it’s important to remember that everything we do leaves an impact on the environment, and the holidays are no exception. 

When it comes to decorations for festivals, it would be wiser (both environmentally and financially) to make one-time purchases of reusable items. For example, Christmas tree decorations, festive lights and other holiday decorations can be used annually rather than purchasing and repurchasing. Besides that, it’s also advisable to reuse household items, packages etc., and create fun handmade decorations with them. This way, you’re reducing waste while gaining one-of-a-kind decorations at the same time!

The holiday season is not a free-pass to act without being mindful of the environment. We create so much waste as it is, and this season should call for more careful planning and execution. If you’re looking for an exciting gift to get someone, check Reencle out! 

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