Reencle Technology

Properties of ReencleMicrobe™, Bacillus

  • Endospore-former(Bacillus can survive long period of time even in dry and harsh environment)
  • Has great ability to decompose organic matter such as Carbohydrate, fat and protein
  • Its thermophilic (heat maybe fire emoji) and eosinophilic nature gives very low chance of contamination by other bacteria

Food Waste Decomposition Test

Tests have been conducted on a variety of food and
their time to be fully decomposed by Reencle.
And the result? Reencle takes from 2 hours to 24 hours to
breakdown most of the food items.

940+ Churns Every Single Day!

Enhance Aeration Effortlessly

Triple-rod, custom leaf paddle design for consistent blending excellence.

ENCORE! by Reencle:

Trees Donated For Forest Fire Recovery

We’ve Donated Another 460 Trees! (1460+ Trees and counting)

Dear Reenclers, We planted trees in the areas around the world that have been severely affected by forest fires and aren't able to recover a healthy ecosystem on their own.


We thank all of our Reenclers and we couldn't have continue supporting our ENCORE Initiative if it wasn't for all of you. We would like to take a step forward so that we can start practicing our love for the mother nature.

Reduce Up to 90% of Food Waste Footprint

Compared to composting naturally (blue line). The Reencle test comparison shows that adding 1kg (2.2 lbs) of food waste on a daily basis into both Reencle and natural composting bin, Reencle has the ability to quickly and continuously decompose food waste into compost despite more food added every day - about 2.2 lbs (1 kg) per day. On the contrary, compost naturally can take up to 2 years fully decompose.

Download Food Waste Reduction Report Test Result HERE


Reencle’s Fertilizer Has Been Tested And Surpassed Quality Standard.


Download Salt Level Breakdown Report Test HERE

Take Composting To The Next Level

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