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Can I Compost Bones (Chicken or Fish)?

Reencle is not a grinder + dehydrator like other self proclaimed “compost machines”. We do not have a heavy grinder inside our machine. Reencle relies 100% on Reencle Microbe to breakdown the food waste that we put inside. We have a simple rule of thumb to use - “if it’s digestible by the human body, it’s compostable by Reencle”. We don’t recommend putting in hard chicken or hard fish bones, but if it’s the occasional soft fish bone, it should be okay!

We know it might be disappointing not to be able to Reencle hard bones, but this allows Reencle to create true compost full of living microorganisms jam-packed with nutrients for your soil. This is something you can’t find with other machines that simply create food dust. 

How Much Electricity Does Reencle Use?

Reencle uses an average of 60W per hour, which adds up to about 1.44kW per day. The general electricity cost for Reencle should be about RM10-RM25 a month.

What Happens To The Microbes When I Travel?

Generally, leaving Reencle unattended shouldn’t be an issue. If you plan to travel for three days to a week, pour 500-800ml of water into Reencle before you leave. When you return, if the compost looks very dry, you can pour another 500-800ml of water and wait for a few hours. The moisture will help reactivate the microbes.

If you plan on being away for longer than a week, do not feed Reencle for 2 - 3 days prior to leaving. During these 2-3 days, click on the “Dry” setting. If the microbes are left in an overly humid environment, they can grow mold (especially if there is leftover food waste). 

On the day you’re leaving, you can switch off and unplug Reencle. Once you return home, plug in the power cord, click the power on button and add 500ml of water. After about 6 - 8 hours, Reencle should be ready to use again.

How To Use The End Product?

The end product can be used by mixing it into soil at a 1:4 ratio, 1 being the byproduct and 4 being the soil. Once you’ve mixed well, wait for 5 days. Then, simply add the end-product (compost) near your plants and not directly on it. Make sure you water your plants every day, and feel free to add more compost after a few more days to allow your plants to continue thriving.

Does Reencle Take Liquids Like Soup And Oil?

Reencle can take liquids from leftover noodles etc., but we suggest keeping an eye out for the condition of ReencleMicrobe. If you happen to notice it looking wet or muddy, run your Reencle on its dry setting until the insides are less wet. We highly recommend not putting oil or highly oily soup into Reencle, as this can kill the microbes. To combat this, rinse your oilier foods under running water before putting it into Reencle. 

Can You Compost Paper Or Plastics?

You cannot compost paper or plastics in Reencle. Only food wastes are compostable by Reencle and foreign objects like plastic or paper can disrupt the functionality of your Reencle.

Can You Reencle Fruit Peels?

Fruit peels will not harm Reencle, but with fruit peels that are thicker and waxier (example : orange skin, lemon skin) the composting process will be significantly longer than the standard 2-24 hours. Cutting the peels into smaller pieces/chunks will help reduce the amount of compost time required.

What Is The Cleaning Process Like?

Reencle requires little to no maintenance. We generally suggest brushing off the mesh filter every few days to keep the airflow smooth, as this only takes a few seconds to do.

Does Reencle Use Bokashi Starter?

Reencle does not use bokashi starters. Reencle comes with the patented ReencleMicrobe which allows your food waste to be composted at a much faster rate than when using bokashi. You also don’t have to worry about adding ReencleMicrobe into your Reencle, as it is self-replicating. As long as you feed Reencle, it’ll continue working for you.

How Often Does The Carbon Filter Need Replacement + How Much Does It Cost?

You only need to replace the carbon filter about once a year, at the cost of RM150 per year. Every purchase of Reencle comes with 2 carbon filters, meaning you do not have to pay any additional costs for the first two years.

Is Reencle A Scam?

We understand that a product like Reencle is fairly new in Malaysia, and that naturally brings some doubt and questions. We assure you that Reencle is not a scam, and we are only here to help better our planet through composting. If you have any questions or doubts, we are always here to help and to answer any questions you may have.