5 Things To Know About Reencle

5 Things To Know About Reencle

Transparency. As consumers of any product or service, it holds great value to have an honest, communicative and open relationship with brands we consume. Having that level of trust and transparency with Reencle’s users takes high priority in our books. Reencle is the first few pioneers of composting machines of its kind. With that, a lot of questions, concerns and perhaps even doubts would take space in your minds when it comes to Reencle Prime. Knowing that, we have and always will strive to meet your questions with satisfactory answers. We are thrilled to introduce you to Reencle Prime, and we can’t wait to see you fall in love with the concept, use, values and benefits of Reencle! 

1) What Can I Do With Reencle's Compost?

The most-asked question we receive is regarding the use of the compost created by Reencle. You can primarily use Reencle's compost with your garden's soil, but keep in mind not to entirely substitute Reencle for fertiliser, as it is best used complementarily. If you don't have a garden or don't see yourself developing a green-thumb anytime soon, don't fret: we've got you covered! Check out this blog post to find out about Composting As A Non-Gardener. 

2) How Much Electricity Does Reencle Consume?

Given that Reencle Prime is a compost machine, most questions surround the environmental factors of using Reencle. In terms of electricity required, the average power consumption of a Reencle Prime is 60W. To put that into perspective, that is equivalent to how much power is consumed by ceiling fans, DVD players, an iMac, etc., which most (if not all) of us use on a daily basis. This comparison is to say that, there are everyday items we use without giving it much thought. An appliance like Reencle Prime not only solves your own food waste problem, but also contributes to the long-term saving of our planet.

3) Is Reencle High-Maintenance?

In terms of upkeep and maintenance, your purchase of Reencle Prime will come with a warranty of 1 year. Unlike many other forms of composting methods, the maintenance of your Reencle Prime will be void of the need for constant maintenance. You’ll have virtually no added expenses in the upkeep of your machine, and as long as you keep feeding your Reencle, it’ll keep producing incredible nutrient-rich compost for you to use as fertilizer!

4) What Food Wastes Can/Can't I Put In Reencle?

It can be confusing to figure out which food wastes can be put into your Reencle Prime, so let’s break it down. As a general rule of thumb, it’s not advisable to put anything into Reencle that would be inedible by you. For example, while fish bones are technically food waste, they are too harsh to be consumed by us; thus making it unacceptable waste for Reencle Prime. An exception to this rule would be softer fish bones, but only if you’re certain that it won’t negatively affect the usage of your Reencle! Items like paper towels, food packaging and so on are not consumable by us, therefore shouldn’t be put in your Reencle. More than 50% of the food waste you generally chuck into the bin are actually compostable food waste. These include fruit, cheese, meat, noodles, rice, cucumber, corn, sausage, cabbage, pizza crust and so on. 

Food waste like these occur when edible food is intentionally discarded after it spoils/expires. It can also occur due to overproduction in the market. In the context of a household, it is typically due to being unable to finish the food we have on our plates. Wet foods are generally accepted, however it's better not to put wet food in until your Reencle’s microbe is fully cultivated and to dilute your wet foods with water prior to putting it in Reencle.


5) How Long Is Reencle's Lifespan?

The lifespan of your Reencle Prime entirely depends on the way you treat and take care of your compost machine, but the typical lifespan is years. You’ll also receive one year of warranty with your purchase so fret not!

Reencle is one of the most advanced, one-of-its-kind compost machines in the market currently. Especially in Malaysia, the need for products that aid us in our mission to go greener is vital. Interest in composting is the first step you’ve taken. See yourself through by taking action next. Subscribe to our waitlist to pre-order Reencle Prime and get RM1,100 off your purchase!

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