Composting for Non-Gardeners

Composting for Non-Gardeners

Composting might feel like a gardener-exclusive activity, but we're here to tell you otherwise! Given that it might feel confusing to figure out what to do with your compost, we're here to share some tips on composting for non-gardeners! 

1. Use It For Potted Plants

Even if you are someone who doesn’t fit into the sphere of avid-gardeners, the product of your compost can be used in any potted plant you may have at home or in your workplace. There aren’t any rules that say you can only use compost in large-scale gardens, so compost away!

2. Pass It On

While you may not be a gardening enthusiast yourself, if you happen to know a family member or friend who enjoys gardening, you could always pass your compost on to them! This could also make for a good reason to befriend your gardening neighbors, and offer them some nutrient-rich (and free!) soil for their gardens. 

3. Donate To Your Community

Find the perfect mix between loving the planet and loving your community! Given that more schools have been ensuring the greenery on their grounds are sufficient, you could donate your compost to schools, or a local community garden if you have one! There are some beautiful community gardens in Malaysia such as the TTDI Edible Community Garden. We’re sure your compost contributions will be appreciated and put to good use! Community gardens also often provide free or low-cost produce to low-income people in the community. You have a win-win situation on your hands! 

4. Income Opportunities

If all else fails, your excess compost can always be used to bring in some extra income! With a handful of shopping platforms available, you can find a market for just about anything. This makes your compost the perfect option for an added stream of income, or just a fun business idea/hobby!

Normalizing the practice of composting in Malaysia will lead to significant improvements in our ecosystem, and will allow us to stop creating more landfills. Given that waste is inevitable, we should begin working towards reducing the waste that ends up in landfills. Another benefit of this would be an increase in good-quality soil over time, as compost will become viable, accessible and can become a staple household item in Malaysian homes.

With Reencle, composting can now be done within 24-hours, in the comfort of your home. The Reencle Prime measures at 30.4 x 33 x 46.7 cm (12x13.0x18.4 inches) and weighs 10.1kg (22.4 lbs). It fits nice and snug into any corner of your home, produces no odor, and operates silently - allowing you to compost at any time!

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