Zero-Waste Stores in Malaysia

Zero-Waste Stores in Malaysia

When we think of places that are most accommodating to zero-waste lifestyles, chances are that Malaysia comes up much later down the list, if at all. Fortunately, us not knowing about the zero waste stores in Malaysia is not indicative of its absence, and we’re here to share some zero waste stores with you today. Since Malaysia is rather vast, we’ve compiled this list in accordance with location for your convenience.

Zero-Waste Store in Subang Jaya

  1. Minimize Zero Waste Store

Besides being a one-stop shop for all your beans and grains needs, you can also refill your detergents, dried fruits and nuts, and purchase other eco-friendly household products from Minimize. Perhaps their most unique service is buying back your used cooking oil with no minimum weight imposed. This option is a solution to leftover cooking oil which is quite the hassle to dispose-of properly. The money you receive from your leftover cooking oil can then be used to purchase some items from Minimize! Sounds like you’ve got a win-win situation on your hands. 

If you’d like to know more about Minimize or want to get a quote from them, you can visit their website at or call them at 016-287 6476.

Zero-Waste Stores in Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya 

  1. NUDE Zero Waste Store

Located in Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya, NUDE offers a lot more than just an eye-catching name. Its free-package products include personal care and lifestyle products, spices, grains, legumes, cleaning solutions and so much more. NUDE is beginner-friendly, and they even created a How-To-Shop section on their blog, increasing accessibility and aiding in bettering your zero-waste shopping experience especially if it’s your first time. You can also make delivery arrangements by calling 011-377 39639.

2. The Hive Bulk Foods

Besides being a zero-waste store for you to buy bulk products from, you can also dispose of your e-waste (used batteries, earphones etc.,) at The Hive. If you’re unable to make the drive to get your needs from them, The Hive delivers nationwide and to Singapore. On their website, you can find most of your needs ranging from dried berries, nuts, and reusable feminine sanitary products. You can also find some brands you’ve probably heard of before like Amazin’ Graze. Their wide range of products make it a must-visit if you’re looking to get most of your groceries and necessities while keeping to your zero-waste lifestyle! 

3. A Bit Less Bulk Store

Similar to The Hive, A Bit Less also provides bulk foods and shipping services. Their products seemingly cover everything from lip balms, detergent, tea, jam and so much more. We recommend checking out their website and having the most fun scroll you’ve ever had while shopping for essentials! From personal care to kitchen and household essentials, A Bit Less has just about something for everyone. 

Zero-Waste Stores in Shah Alam

  1. Seedy Zero Waste Store

Seedy is another proof that in order to go zero-waste, you don’t need to give your favorite foods up! Carrying a wide variety of both household and pantry items, you can find just about anything from Seedy. Between Chinese herbs and eco-friendly beauty products, you’re going to want to browse their selection as soon as possible. You’ll also find noodles like their Homemade Veggie Pasta Spiral and Plain Pasta with Egg as well as popular options like Hock Chew Mee Shua, Organic Yee Mee and Glass Noodles. You can check out their website for more information, or place your orders through their Shopee!

2. Zero Waste Earth Store

Located in Eco Ardence, Zero Waste Earth Store (ZWES) allows you to purchase bulk-products in reusable 5kg containers. Their products along with prices are on their website for your perusal. Some of their newer products are both functional and heartwarming. For instance, they’ve newly released a lanyard as a part of their Kain.Ness collection. These lanyards were created using upcycled fabric and have been sewn by their B40 community tailors. You can also purchase their products online if you happen to live further away! 

Zero-waste stores allow us to consume and purchase in ways that are more intentional and can reduce waste. Not only does this reduce the waste in our homes, but ultimately in our country, too. 

If you find yourself in any of the above areas, we highly recommend popping into one of the stores and checking it out yourself! Demystifying zero-waste can go a long way in taking that first step towards adopting a greener lifestyle. This is the beginning of what we hope will be many lists to come, as we would like to continue shining light on Malaysian businesses doing their part for the environment. 

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