5 Ways To Go Green Now

5 Ways To Go Green Now

When it comes to trying something new for the first time, we often put it off due to how much time and effort it takes. This, without a doubt, also applies to going green. We’re sure you’ve thought about going green in some way or another before, but perhaps chose not to because it seems like too big of a hassle. However, there are ways you can implement green practices into your everyday life starting today. These practices are small steps that can lead you to the larger end-goal. 

Becoming environmentally friendly isn’t as big of a challenge as you think and we’re here to show you how!

Eat Locally

This point may come as a shock as it's so simple, but we meant it when we said these practices are extremely doable (and in this case, delicious). Imported foods and drinks require a massive amount of energy, water and chemicals. To avoid contributing to this issue, eating locally sourced and created foods can not only reduce the amount of energy, water and chemicals, but it also allows us to support local food businesses. This shouldn’t be much of a challenge considering the night markets, local restaurants and hawker stalls available to us at all times. The chemicals in local foods are also likely much lower than imported foods as there’s less components in the delivery chain. 

Shop Intentionally

As old-school as the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” is, it’s still extremely relevant in our efforts to go green. Everything you do leaves a footprint - be it your carbon footprint or environmental one. Environmental (or ecological) footprint is how human demand is measured on natural capital. In other words, it is the quantity of nature needed to support people and/or the economy. Factors like carbon demand play a role in ecological footprints, and shopping intentionally can reduce the strain on nature in order to meet these demands. 

Choose Natural Light

Natural lighting can do so much more than assist in the perfect picture. Reducing artificial lighting can conserve energy and reduce your electricity bills, all while helping the environment. Using natural lighting when you can, and leaving lights turned off during the daytime and evenings can be such an easy yet effective way to go green in your everyday life starting now. You can also reduce other unnecessary usage of electricity by unplugging gadgets that are not in use. 

Reduce Food Waste

We simply can’t overstate this enough - food waste is extremely detrimental to our planet. Not being able to finish your food doesn’t automatically make it wasted food. Food only becomes waste when it isn’t repurposed into something useful. Shopping intentionally like we previously suggested is one of the ways to reduce the likelihood of accumulating food waste in your household. Another way you can do this is by composting. We know, this word might seemingly be everywhere lately, but we promise you’ve got so much to look forward to in your composting journey. To know more about composting for beginners, click here to read our insights on the topic!

Produce Your Own Greens

This point goes wonderfully hand-in-hand with our previous point. Growing your own veggies is never a bad idea. Regardless of the state of the economy or your shopping abilities, growing your own produce can ensure you’re eating the best quality greens. Besides that though, it’s also a long-term way to be self-sufficient. You can also reduce mass production of foods that can have a negative impact on the environment. 

We hope that through this blog post you are able to realize that going green doesn’t have to be all-consuming or intense. Every little step counts and any progress is good progress. If you’d like to take a bigger step towards going green and are looking to try going zero-waste, we’ve got a blog post you might find useful: 6 Zero Waste Stores in Malaysia

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