5 Tips To Compost Like A Pro With Reencle

5 Tips To Compost Like A Pro With Reencle

You’ve got yourself a brand new Reencle indoor composter. What’s next? Getting started with your composting journey can seem intimidating. If you’re only just beginning your composting journey, read our Guide To Indoor Composting. Alternatively, to navigate your Reencle composter, check out our specific Guide for New Reenclers where we discuss ReencleMicrobe™ cultivation amongst other things! 

Wherever you are in your Reencle composting journey, I’m sure you’d like to know how you can elevate your composting practice. Here are 5 tips on how you can compost like a pro with Reencle.

1. Size (& Shape) Matters


Reencle uses the fused processes of fermentation and decomposition to create compost organically. Unlike many “compost machines” that create ground-up dusted food waste, Reencle seeks to stay as close as possible to the output of traditional composting methods (without the added hassle they tend to come with). 

Because of this, putting large pieces of food scraps into Reencle might adversely affect the composting process, as it contains no grinders or high-temperature heaters. To work this in your favour, it’s best to input smaller pieces of food scraps into Reencle. For instance, if you’ve got an expired loaf of bread, tear it up into smaller pieces so it can break down with more ease. 

2. If You Can’t Digest It, Don’t Reencle It

As previously mentioned, Reencle doesn’t contain blades or grinders. Due to this, food waste like hard bones and tough/thick fruit peels can at best disrupt the composting process and at worst cause your Reencle to malfunction. This is important to keep in mind in order to optimize your use of Reencle in your composting journey.

3. Keep ReencleMicrobe™ Alive


 In extension to the point above, Reencle is able to do what it does thanks to the resilient, high-tech and one-of-a-kind ReencleMicrobe™. This factor makes or breaks the composting process by Reencle, which is why it’s important not to kill your microbes. Granted, this is very hard to do - but not impossible. ReencleMicrobe™ is highly halotolerant and acidophilic - meaning it can thrive in conditions with high salinity, acidity and temperatures. 

To avoid risking the depletion of your ReencleMicrobe™, we suggest rinsing your oily foods under running water before placing them inside Reencle.  

4. Don’t Get Woody

Traditional compost piles require what’s often referred to as “brown material” or “browns” which include dried leaves, branches and even cardboard. However, when it comes to composting with Reencle, this does not apply. Reencle does not rely on external factors like temperature or layers in order to compost successfully. Because of this, you should stick to only adding food scraps into your Reencle to avoid malfunction.

5. Start Right

Like many other things, the way that you start your composting process with Reencle will determine how your journey looks over time. It’s important to ensure that your setup is done well from the get-go as well as make sure you cultivate ReencleMicrobe™ properly. 

We recommend heavily focusing on carbs for the first two to four weeks of your Reencle use. This is because ReencleMicrobe™ come in a sleep-like state, and in order to get them going, you’ll want to go carb-heavy foods to make up for lost time.  

All in all, composting with Reencle elevates your experience and gives you so much to gain when compared to both traditional composting and other compost machines. If you’re looking to get yourself a Reencle and join us in our fight against food waste, feel free to place your order here. You can also message us on Instagram and Facebook to ask us any questions you may have! 

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