A Guide To Indoor Composting

A Guide To Indoor Composting

Which of the following statements about composting do you believe are true?

  • Indoor composting is possible
  • There are no hassles, or inconveniences involved in composting
  • The composting process is suitable for condos and apartments

What if we told you they’re all true? In fact, with recent developments in green technology, composting no longer has to even be stinky! In this blog post, we will address:

  • Whether or Not Composting Indoors is Possible
  • Some Indoor Composting FAQs
  • How to Compost Indoors with Reencle Prime



Is Composting Indoors Possible?

In the past, composting required large outdoor spaces and a huge compost bin, and was often accompanied by household pests and rodents due to its pungent smells. However, technology has been developing throughout the world across different areas, including the environment. Thanks to green-tech developments, composting is indeed possible indoors. That being said, it’s important to remember that while many indoor composting methods may seem to be the answer, not all of them give you real, nutrient-rich compost as the end product

With ground-breaking technology, waste management is now more accessible via compost machines like Reencle Prime. Though it is not the first indoor composter and definitely won’t be the last, there are a few distinct qualities that make Reencle the perfect indoor composter that can make your life easier. 

Before we talk about how Reencle can enhance your composting experience while reducing food waste, saving post-meal cleaning time and protecting the environment, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding indoor composting. 

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 Frequently-Asked Indoor Composting Questions

Is everything indoor compostable? 

The short answer is, no. Unfortunately, indoor composting only works when the conditions are rather specific, including the compost contents, environment and so on. Due to this, not everything that would be compostable by an outdoor compost bin would apply indoors as well. If you’re using an indoor compost machine like Reencle, some compostable items would be such as cooked meat, vegetable waste, leftover rice or noodles etc., excluding the traditional “brown” organic matters like leaves and wood chips. 

Does indoor composting smell and attract pests and rodents?

Unlike outdoor composting, composting indoors eliminates the presence of pests like rats and flies. This, of course, depends on the type of composter you opt for, as some compost machines keep odour and pests out of your home more effectively than others. The allure of indoor composting is its ability to be done while fitting seamlessly into your everyday routine. This includes not having awful smells and pests. 

How long does indoor composting take?

This varies based on the composter you’re using, and what your end product is. While many compost machines claim to create real compost, through the process of dehydration and grinding, they essentially just break down your food waste into dust. If you’re looking to eliminate your food waste by turning it into dust, this may work well for you. This dehydration and grinding process of composting often only takes a minimum of 4 hours. 

On the other hand, if you do want nutrient-rich compost to be made from your food waste, the composting process can take anywhere from 2-24 hours when you use Reencle. Unlike many of the aforementioned food composters, Reencle repurposes your food waste into nutrient-rich compost that will benefit your soil tremendously. 

So…how does Reencle work?

How The Indoor Composter Reencle Prime Works

Set apart from many existing compost machines, Reencle uses its patented ReencleMicrobe™ to break down food waste using the process of fermentation and decomposition. Since it doesn’t contain any heavy grinders, Reencle entirely relies on ReencleMicrobe™ to successfully create compost with food waste. All you need to do is put your food waste into Reencle throughout the day, as it automatically composts whatever you add in. You can add up to 1kg of food waste into a Reencle in a day! You no longer need to worry about cleaning up the post-meal messes that food waste can cause, not to mention the sink clogs that occur due to food waste. Reencle runs throughout the day much like a refrigerator or other appliances. 

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