6 Ways Technology Revolutionizes Going Green

6 Ways Technology Revolutionizes Going Green

When discussing combating the threat of climate change, rarely does technology come into question. However, despite technology receiving a lot of flak, it can also be used for good. Much like with Reencle, we believe that technology is key when it comes to fighting the climate crisis. Knowing how technology aids a greener life is important and can lead to making informed decisions. 



Water-Saving Shower Heads

Thanks to developments in water technology and our understanding of water consumption and conservation, you can now get shower heads that are specifically designed with water conservation in mind. We know what you might be thinking: “do I have to sacrifice my incredible water pressure to save water?”, and the answer is not at all! “Low-flow” is not mutually inclusive with “low pressure”. Though this was potentially the case when low-flow shower heads were first made, technology has moved past the point where this is true. 

Air Purifiers

The air around us, be it indoors or outdoors, is full of toxins, dust, allergens, bacteria and so much more. There was once a time when breathing low quality air wasn’t an option, but it certainly is now. Air purification is without a doubt one of the most beneficial contributions that technological advancements have made. Air purifiers can ameliorate the factors that contribute to health conditions, allergens and even respiratory illnesses. 



High-Tech Composters

Perhaps our favorite way technology has revolutionized going green is through high-technology compost machines. We may be ever so slightly biased here, but the benefits of composting is a list that seemingly never ends. Therefore, the ways in which technology has stepped it up for composting is something that we find incredible. In the past, composting was a practice that came with the need for a lot of space, time, and patience (especially with the rodents and pests it attracted!) Now, thanks to the technology used in modern compost machines like Reencle Prime, composting is now an easy, quick and hassle-free process.  

Meat Alternatives

Worldwide, animal agriculture accounts for about 14.5% of human emissions worldwide. By lowering meat intake, we can reduce pollution which technology allows to happen with more ease than ever before. Plant-based substitutions allow for the transition to a more sustainable diet to be seamless. 

For one, technology allows plant-based alternatives to be discussed a lot more frequently, resulting in interest and demand. With that, finding plant-based foods is also an easier task now that we are able to search for vegan companies and restaurants effortlessly. Companies can also find other like-minded companies, creating a space for collaboration like we’ve never seen before.



Indoor Farming

Indoor farms are more efficient than traditional farms, especially in the way they reduce the need for habitat destruction. Farming indoors requires hydroponics and artificial lighting. These factors allow conditions to be controlled better and offer plants a sufficient amount of nutrients and light levels required for their growth. 

Indoor farming reduces water-use and land resources while still providing high agriculture production.  

Energy-Saving Smart Plugs

Smart plugs save energy by switching off any appliances that are still consuming electricity while being on standby. Some appliances known to do this include game consoles and older televisions. Some smart plugs are wifi-enabled which allows you to turn off any appliances or switches in your home even remotely. Besides opening the door to energy efficiency and an eco-friendly green home, smart plugs also allow the flexibility of making the products in your home smart and convenient. 



Going green doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest a large amount of funds into high-technology. Any step you take, regardless of how small or big, goes a long way in saving our environment. That being said, technology aids the process of going green by adding an element of convenience to the process. If you’d like to know more about how technology makes Reencle special, read our post on What Makes Reencle 2022’s Leading Compost Machine

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