What Makes Reencle 2022’s Leading Compost Machine

What Makes Reencle 2022’s Leading Compost Machine

Many of the questions we receive regarding Reencle are surrounding its operating system. In order to understand how Reencle works, and why it’s different from composting machines or methods you might be used to or familiar with, you must first understand how Reencle works internally.

How Reencle Creates High-Quality Compost So Quickly: 

We often get asked questions about how Reencle makes compost in only 2-24 hours and whether or not it actually creates real compost given its short process. While most compost machines commonly merely create dusted food waste, Reencle actually creates high quality compost. The reason Reencle is able to create stunning compost in a short time-period is because of our patented ReencleMicrobe. ReencleMicrobe not only survives, but thrives when it’s amongst food waste that’s spicy or acidic or salty - you name it, ReencleMicrobe breaks it down. This is inarguably a feature that sets Reencle apart from other compost machines. Regardless of how high the quality of compost other machines claim to have, you’re always sacrificing one thing or another. If you use another compost machine that breaks down food in a short amount of time, you’re more likely than not actually getting simply ground food waste which is essentially food dust. On the other hand, if you use a compost machine or method that can give you decent compost, this will likely take more time and you can’t continually add food waste throughout the day. Reencle has managed to make these two factors coexist so well that you really do get the best of both worlds when you compost with Reencle. 

How Reencle Can Operate Quietly

Using Reencle should be quiet, and non-intrusive on your daily routine. Alternate composters have been described as having washer-like sounds, which can be accustomed to but isn’t ideal. Reencle seeks to routinize composting, and make it an easy-transition into your current routine. This is done successfully as Reencle doesn’t have any heavy grinders or operations within it. Since the heavy-load of the composting process is carried out by ReencleMicrobe, the process in return is extremely quiet. That being said, if you do notice your Reencle making noise, you should make some adjustments. The inside of Reencle is always maintained at an appropriate temperature, but if there isn’t enough food waste, the microorganisms can end up very dry which causes friction and noise. If this seems like the case, adding some water to moisten up the microorganisms should help! Reencle should always operate at its usual decibel - 28dB. You read that right: Reencle operates even more quietly than a library is!

How Reencle Can Be Odor-Free

Reencle has a built-in 3-layer carbon filter that is designed to keep the process of composting your food waste odorless. Carbon filters work by trapping odors through a process called adsorption. Adsorption is the process that occurs when molecules attach to the outside of a surface as opposed to getting absorbed into it. This allows Reencle to operate while not releasing any of the unpleasant odors into your space outside of Reencle. Besides the use of three-layered carbon filters saves you and your household from unpleasant odors, it also saves you money in the long run when compared to other compost machines. Reencle’s carbon filters only need replacement once a year as opposed to other machines’ filters that need replacement every 3-4 months at least, while also being costly. 


We hope this blog post gave you some deeper insight into how the systems with which Reencle works set it apart from other compost machines and compost methods. A lot of thought and time have gone into making Reencle the top-notch compost machine that it is. If you have any other questions about Reencle or how it works, check out the FAQ section on our website. Don’t see your question on the list? Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook! We’d love to hear from and connect with you. 

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