The Future of Sustainable Smart Homes: Meet Reencle

The Future of Sustainable Smart Homes: Meet Reencle

Reencle, a Korean-innovated compost machine, has officially launched in Malaysia and we are now accepting pre-orders. Reencle is able to decompose up to 1kg of food waste within 24 hours, and gives nature 90% back with its organic additive mix. Early patrons of the brand who participate in the Reencle newsletter and place a pre-order are given up to RM800 off their pre-order total. 

Reencle brings a number of unique features to the table, completely redefining the composting field. Some of Reencle’s defining features include hand-and-foot sensors, our natural fermentation process, zero-odor composting, and a 14-liter capacity. 

Retailing at RM3,298 with a measurement of 30 x 33.02 x 46.7(H) and an iron silver finish, Reencle is on-track to becoming the ideal kitchen-to-garden composter. If your go-to composting method has been the traditional one using bins that require larger spaces and have the tendency to attract pests and rodents, switching to Reencle might be just what you need to elevate your composting experience and produce quality compost at a level you most likely haven’t seen before. Even if you’ve been using other composting machines, namely the dehydration/drying types, the shift to Reencle is a change both you and your soil would appreciate. Heat-drying or dehydrating type compost machines break down food waste by grinding them and essentially turning it into dust. Reencle uses the patented ReencleMicrobe technology to ensure the perfect climate for composting is sustained within the machine throughout its composting process. 

Reencle Can Run Hassle-Free & Without Unpleasant Odors or Sounds

The Reencle Prime contains a triple-layer filter designed to hold in any unpleasant smells that may occur throughout the composting process, therefore not affecting the outer environment surrounding it. It’s note-worthy that this filter does not require upkeep or maintenance beyond than the occasional wipe (though this is not compulsory and is up to your preference).If you do choose to wipe the filter, once a week is plenty. This ties into the convenience that we seek to provide when composting with Reencle Prime. Reencle also requires no plumbing and overall requires low-maintenance, allowing it to run for 24 hours in the background of your home without interrupting your routine.  

The decomposition process in Reencle starts with food waste being impregnated with microorganisms which then propagate and release hydrolytic enzymes after they’re fed with food waste. The released enzymes decompose food waste, then ferment and vaporize them. After this occurs, the vaporized gas gets converted into harmless gas through the deodorization system.

Reencle’s Patented ReencleMicrobe™                    

The microorganisms used by Reencle were created through research and development over the span of a few years with AEN BIO CO., LTD. It received the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Award and the President Award of KIAT. ReencleMicrobe is made up of bacillus-mixed microorganisms extracted from traditional fermented soybean foods. These microorganisms are perfect for composting spicy and salty foods as they are able to withstand conditions with high salinity, high acidity and high temperatures. The use of our patented ReencleMicrobe sets Reencle apart from other compost machines, as most microorganisms typically die under high salinity and strong acid. On the contrary, ReencleMicrobe prefers high salinity and strong acid, and is made up of bacophille, acidophile and thermophilic microorganisms. Archaea in ReencleMicrobe can withstand extreme environments and create endospores if their environment is unsuitable for growth and development, which allows them to survive for up to 10,000 years. 

All things considered, we are always striving to create a community surrounding Reencle where composting is more than just the new in-thing to try and forget about after a few weeks. Composting is a small part of a bigger goal - to treat our planet kinder than we’ve grown accustomed to. All the research, efforts and development that goes into perfecting the technology used with Reencle is to ensure that the end product is one that plays its role as best it can. 

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