Reencle VS Bokashi: Which Should You Choose?

Reencle VS Bokashi: Which Should You Choose?

Reencle is often compared to the bokashi composting method, although they are both quite varied. The difference between the two is rather fundamental, so we’re going to break it down for you in this blog post today to help you decide on which you composting method to opt for!

If you’re looking for which composting method to pick in a nutshell, we’d say this: it depends on what your priorities are. Are you looking for convenience more than you’re looking for affordability? Would you choose saving time if you had the option, or are you comfortable with waiting weeks to months for your compost to be complete? Similarly, are you unfazed by unpleasant odours in your home, or would you prefer a composting method where you have no bad smells to worry about?

What Is The Bokashi Composting Method?

Bokashi converts food waste and other organic matter into a soil amendment. It does so using microorganisms known as “bokashi bran”, that take on the method of fermentation as opposed to decomposition. 

How Convenient Is Bokashi Composting?

Bokashi composting is not too dissimilar from other traditional methods of composting - it takes weeks to months to complete, doesn’t smell pleasant, requires quite a bit of skill, has a rather lengthy trial-and-error learning process, and so on.

Let’s break down the different inconveniences of composting using the Bokashi method:


When you opt for bokashi in your composting practice, you’ll have to wait a few weeks up to a month for your food scraps to slowly be broken down. This can be rather frustrating especially when you’d want to continue adding food waste to your bokashi bin, as you’ll be increasing the amount of time required to harvest your compost. 

As you may already know, Reencle uses real microbes - ReencleMicrobe, to break down food waste while only requiring 2-24 hours to do so. If time is not a luxury you have or you simply prefer efficiency, the bokashi method of composting might not be ideal for you. 


Any anaerobic composting process where proper filtration systems are not put in place will result in unpleasant odours. Given that this is inevitable, it’s important to decide whether or not this would be a composting dealbreaker for you.

When Reencle was created, convenience was one of the components prioritized. Because of this, there is a triple-layer filtration system in place, allowing Reencle to contain all the composting smells within the machine itself. This makes it ideal for in-home composting or composting in smaller spaces like apartments. 

Compost Quality

People who use the Bokashi composting process have reported that the final compost output was found to be sour in smell and not nutrient-dense. This can be quite non-negotiable for many composting enthusiasts, as all the effort and time put into this composting method should be worth it in the end. Having non-nutrient-dense compost is a waste of resources and effort.

Despite requiring significantly less time and effort, Reencle’s compost output is chock-full of nutrients which is the cherry on top when it comes to composting with convenience. You don’t even need to monitor your compost closely; all you’re required to do is add your food scraps into Reencle and let it do the rest.


While the one-time purchase of Bokashi is cheaper than the one-time purchase of Reencle, you’re set for good upon your first purchase of Reencle when compared to Bokashi.

You have to continually repurchase bokashi bran packages, which can range into the pricier side as compared to other traditional composting methods. 

Reencle’s ReencleMicrobe is self-replicating which means that as long as you keep adding your food waste into your machine, it’ll continue producing nutrient-rich compost for your immediate use. 

The only component of Reencle that requires replacement is the carbon filter that needs to be changed annually. Even so, your unit upon purchase comes with a built-in filter, along with your first replacement filter for your second year of use. This means you’re set for the first two years of your Reencle use! 

All that being said, as long as you’re looking to dispose of your food waste in a more green and responsible way, you’re taking a step in the right direction. It all boils down to what you’re looking for in your composting journey and how much effort and energy you are looking to exert. 

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