Is Reencle Accessible?

Is Reencle Accessible?

A product’s accessibility is determined by a handful of factors like price, design, mobility and so on. The traditional definition of accessibility is one that is difficult to confine Reencle to, given the newness of a product like this in Malaysia. “Green” or “eco” products are not vastly heard of in our country, which makes their production a challenge in and of itself. Not to mention the high technology required to create a product like Reencle in the first place.

This, along with many other factors lead to the question we ask ourselves: “Is Reencle accessible?” 


Many people with disabilities have a hard time navigating our world due to a lack of accessibility to infrastructure, products and even services. We believe that much like anything else, inclusion in eco-friendly practices also matters. Many composters aren’t suited for placing them on the ground - they’re often made for countertops or the outdoors. Reencle is designed in such a way that placing it wherever is convenient to you (so long as you can connect it to a power source) allows it to operate. 

Reencle’s touch-free sensor allows you to open it easily without using force - all you have to do is motion in front of the sensor to open the lid for 8 seconds at a time. The sides of Reencle come with notches that make it easier to carry, should you ever want to switch its placement/location, too.


Let’s start with the question we get asked the most: how much does Reencle cost? Priced at RM3,289 (RP), Reencle is undoubtedly not within everyone’s spending priority. This is a factor that plays into its overall accessibility that we’re aware of and hope to find a workable solution for in the future. 

This cost is tough to reduce overheads on, as the development of Reencle is backed by years of research and development in order to make it what it is: an independently-running compost machine that produces nutrient-dense compost using the food scraps added to it. 

Cutting costs at a production level would require sacrificing one aspect or another of what makes Reencle special. This includes the ReencleMicrobe™ - a collection of bacillus-type microbes that fuses the processes of fermentation and decomposition to break down food waste without grinding and dehydrating them as many “composting” food-waste-processing machines do. 

To combat this at present, Reencle offers a 0% interest 3-month installment via Atome, which has made it more affordable for many customers.

That being said, it is admittedly difficult for Reencle to be an attainable purchase for some groups of people. We hope to find a solution to this in the near future, as composting and other eco-friendly habits belong to everyone.


The user experience of Reencle is highly accessible and easy to understand amongst users of all age groups. Starting with Reencle’s touch-free sensor that opens its lid when motion is detected in front of the sensor. It also runs automatically with minimal supervision needed, making it extremely convenient to fit into your routine. Reencle’s patented ReencleMicrobe makes the composting process fast, efficient and of high quality. 

The four buttons on Reencle are also clearly presented and easy to understand. Its purify button, for instance, allows you to get rid of foul smells within your Reencle should you ever feel like the insides of it are beginning to get unpleasant. 

The carbon filters Reencle comes with are triple-layered; while the mechanisms behind them may sound complex, their usability is not. Located in the posterior part of Reencle, not only do they work without needing any supervision, but they also only need replacement once every year. Since Reencle comes with a set of carbon filters in the box when you order, you don’t have to worry about purchasing until a year has passed since your initial purchase of Reencle!


With over 100,000 units sold globally and over 150 units sold in Malaysia since launching ready stock in November 2022, Reencle has a very vast happy customer base. Reencle is hardly unpredictable, with one of its main pros being that it seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle regardless of what your routine looks like. 

Internally within Reencle Malaysia, we have tested (and continue to do so) quite a range of food wastes to see how Reencle breaks them down. This allows us to ensure the reliability of our composter, and our personal experience has been similar to that of our customers so far; whereby we find that it’s extremely reliable in carrying out what it was intended to do.

Many factors play a role in making a product accessible, and we are always working to make Reencle something more people can have in their homes. We truly believe that Reencle bridges the gap between modern homes and sustainability. 

If you’d like to learn more about the mechanisms within Reencle that make it what it is, check out our blog post on What Makes Reencle 2022’s Leading Compost Machine! Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get your Reencle at RM200 off! We also post regularly on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok so make sure you follow us on all our social media platforms to stay updated!

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