Disadvantages Of Composting Without Reencle

Disadvantages Of Composting Without Reencle

While it’s a practice that has been around for a long time, composting has made very little progress in becoming more convenient. For the longest time, people have been traditionally composting in tedious ways. The good news is that you no longer have to subject yourself to the complex methods of composting. We’ve decided to progress with technology and create a composting solution that takes the tediousness out of the equation. 

But first, why do we call traditional composting difficult and claim it as “not ideal” for the modern ways of life? Let’s get into the disadvantages of composting without Reencle. 

Attracts Pests/Rodents

No matter how big of an animal enthusiast you may be, we’re willing to take a shot in the dark and guess that rodents and pests are most likely not a part of your “favourites” list. However, if you were to begin your traditional composting journey, we sure hope you don’t mind pests and rodents becoming a part of your living space. This is because traditional composting emits some strong (read: awful) smells, which in turn can attract animals like roaches and rats, not to mention maggots/worms. 

No matter how heavy of a lid you put on your composting bin or what attempts you make at reducing the smells from your compost pile, it’s something you will have to make peace with as quickly as possible. 

Ample Space Required

Not only do traditional methods of composting disrupt the environment of a home due to its smells, but you will also need to dedicate a decent amount of your home’s space to your compost pile. That’s right - composting traditionally is unfortunately quite an intense commitment. 

Whether you choose a compost bin or a compost pile, you will need ample space in your yard/backyard to accommodate the composting process. This is especially true when you take the aforementioned smells into account as you will probably want your compost pile to be a decent distance from the living space of your home. 


Regardless of how much room you leave for your compost pile, it will inevitably be an eyesore to some extent. Compost is essentially rotting food waste that is decomposing. Because of this, there’s really not much that can be done to beautify the space your composting is taking place in. 

A heap of rotting food waste can definitely ruin the aesthetics of a home unless you have a designated space that’s adequately separated from the rest of your home. 


Traditional composting methods like heat-pile composting and using compost bins etc., all have one thing in common: they take a very long time. If you’re beginning your traditional composting journey and expect to have ready-to-use compost in a short period of time, you might be barking up the wrong tree. 

The composting process when done manually can take up to several months (or longer) to complete. That’s of course, not forgetting the previous points you will have to live with - the bad smells, the pests, the unpleasant aesthetics and so on. Overall, the long process of composting can be off-putting to those who want to try composting their food scraps. 

If you lived back in the day when people had little to do except farm and house-keeping, this method would be no problem. However, taking into account the common lifestyle of today’s society makes this composting process extremely difficult to keep up with. Between early mornings for work and late nights out, most of us would hardly have the time to keep up with our traditional compost piles. 

Unfortunately, compost piles require a lot of hands-on attention and work. You constantly have to keep an eye on your pile to make sure the conditions are continually sustainable, make sure it’s not too moist/dry and so on. 

So….what now? Given all these facts, is composting simply not a feasible solution to food waste anymore? Of course not! That’s why we’re here.

Reencle is an indoor composting machine. It creates real, nutrient-dense compost using your food waste. It is able to create real compost thanks to ReencleMicrobe™ - the highly-researched and developed patented microbes. While all of the aforementioned points can sound discouraging, Reencle can be the answer to modern lifestyle-suitable composting. 

Let’s break down if and how Reencle solves the issues traditional composting presents.


Reencle utilizes a triple-layer filtration system that uses carbon filters to filter out the smells from your food waste. It is then able to expel these smells through the machine in a way that doesn’t leak out into your home. 

Even when your machine lid is open, you will smell no rotting food but instead, a scent that has been described by avid Reenclers as “herbal”! Again, this is only apparent when your Reencle’s lid is open. Otherwise, you can enjoy a smell-free composting experience. 

Compact Build

Unlike massive compost heaps that take up lots of space, Reencle has a compact build. It’s been made with the modern home in mind. Thanks to its build, it fits perfectly into your home - especially your kitchen! Reencle looks like a modern green bin, as opposed to material containing rotting food! You can click here to find out Reencle’s exact measurements.

Sleek & Modern Design

In a world where everything is being modernized, we ask, “Why not composting?”

We believe that composting no longer has to be smelly, unpleasant on the eyes or a hassle. Reencle’s design is sleek and modern - making it a seamless addition to your home. In a modern home, Reencle looks like it’s a part of your appliances, and doesn’t stand out as a “compost bin” in the way you might dread!


You no longer need to wait several (painstaking) months to harvest your compost anymore. Thanks to ReencleMicrobe™, Reencle is able to compost your food scraps within 24 hours or less. ReencleMicrobe™ is highly efficient, not to mention halotolerant and acidophilic, making it the perfect solution for composting in a timely manner.  

Over 200,000 Reenclers worldwide enjoy hassle-free composting with Reencle. You no longer need to sacrifice your home’s comfort or beauty nor waste so much time in order to save the earth. Sometimes, you can have it all. 

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