Debunking 3 Common Reencle Misconceptions

Debunking 3 Common Reencle Misconceptions

Much like with anything upcoming and new, Reencle is on the receiving end of its own share of doubt and questions. These doubts are sometimes translated into the form of misconceptions about Reencle Prime, and we think it’s time to discuss and debunk some of them! 

Misconception 1: "Reencle Is Not A Worthy Investment."

Seeing the price tag on a product like Reencle can make it easy to form conclusions about it before giving Reencle a try. While not everyone needs to own a compost machine in order to be valid in their personal journeys towards living a greener lifestyle, products like Reencle create the space for people who want to begin their composting journey despite potentially not having the necessary tools or time to fully invest in it successfully. A common misconception about Reencle is that the investment isn’t worth the return/product. While this is an understandable first impression, knowing the intricacies of Reencle and what makes it unique will provide you with an insight into why it is indeed a worthwhile investment. For starters, Reencle is a pioneer of its own in the world of already-existing compost machines. Despite its outward appearance not painting a full picture of the bells and whistles it comes with, Reencle comes with some helpful, state-of-the-art features that set it apart from other composting machines. For instance, Reencle requires no direct contact when being used. Its contact-free sensors allow a clean, convenient and quick process of loading and unloading food waste and compost. Unlike most compost methods, Reencle doesn’t require you to give up on your house’s spic and span condition, as it has a 3-layer filter system with zero-odor. That’s right, not some odor, not most odor, straight-up zero odor. If you have a busy lifestyle, or generally prefer a quieter space, Reencle would be a comfortable addition to your home as it has a silent operating system. Reencle is significantly different from other forms of compost machines especially due to its patented ReencleMicrobe. Unlike most compost methods that require specific kinds of tweaking and adjusting, Reencle allows you to compost without doing more than simply adding food waste to it. It is the ideal composting method for modern day lifestyles. 

Misconception 2: Bokashi vs ReencleMicrobe

Reencle is often mistaken for a machine that uses bokashi in its composting process. This is inaccurate in several ways. To begin with, bokashi isn’t a microbe or a component of composting per se, as it is a process in and of itself. Bokashi converts food waste and other organic matter into a soil amendment. It does so using microorganisms known as “bokashi bran”, that takes on the method of fermentation as opposed to decomposition. ReencleMicrobe on the other hand is a patented, one-of-its-kind halotolerant and acidophilic organic microbe that can’t be interrupted by foods with high acidity or salinity. Even when compared to the microbes used by other compost machines, their additive mixes still don’t protect them from high acidity and salty foods killing the microbes.

Misconception 3: Reencle vs No-Reencle: No Difference?

When discussing composting and its importance, the end-goal should always take priority; we are all ultimately moving towards a greener and better planet. That being said, the methods we use to get that do (and should) be one that takes into account a handful of factors. Some of them being time, end product and the quality of said product. It is understandable that people might look at compost machines like Reencle and find it to be void of use in a world where many people are well-versed in what composting is and how it’s done. However, unlike traditional compost that unarguably requires quite a bit of trial-and-error, skills, space, time and so on, Reencle eliminates the room for mistake, saves time and gives you stunning results as the end product. This is not to say that composting without Reencle is somehow “wrong”, but when there are ways to get to an end goal with more ease, less effort and less resources, it would be wise to take that path. With Reencle, you get so much more for so much less. If you would like to know more about Reencle, here are 5 Things You Should Know About Reencle

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