Reencle Do's and Don'ts You Should Follow

Reencle Do's and Don'ts You Should Follow

Being a relatively new technology, the usage of Reencle is potentially still somewhat of a mystery to many people. When it comes to what it does and doesn’t do, Reencle is not difficult to operate in the slightest. Since it’s nearing the end of the waiting period for Reencle customers, we’re compiling a list of the do’s and don'ts of using a Reencle composting machine. 


Feed Reencle throughout the day. The uniqueness of Reencle lies in its convenience-centered usability. Reencle’s patented ReencleMicrobe™ will work for you as long as you feed it. Given that reencle was created with convenience in mind (amongst other things), it fits your daily routine seamlessly without needing to tweak your habits. This means, throughout the day, as you eat and create inevitable food waste, put your food waste into reencle and it will continue creating compost for you. Reencle can take up to 1kg of food waste a day. 

You should also leave Reencle plugged in indefinitely. Much like other appliances like your refrigerator, reencle runs constantly, and in order to keep the inner environment suitable for continued ReencleMicrobe sustainability, it’s important to leave your Reencle running. Reencle’s electricity consumption adds up to around RM10-RM20 a month on average.  

Keep an eye on your ReencleMicrobe™ condition. If it appears to be too greasy or wet, you might need to make adjustments to your Reencle in order to keep the microbes at a healthy and optimum condition. At its prime, the compost in your reencle should be dry and appear soil-like. 


Don't put hard bones into your Reencle. We like to follow the rule of thumb, “if our body can digest it, Reencle it”. Similar to our digestive system, hard bones like those of chickens and fish can be quite disruptive to Reencle. Putting in hard bones into Reencle would potentially cause it to malfunction as Reencle doesn’t contain any grinders in it therefore rendering it unable to compost hard bones effectively. 


Don't put more than 1kg of food waste into Reencle within a day. As we previously mentioned, Reencle’s maximum intake a day is 1kg. Putting in too much food waste would result in disrupting the composting process, this can also lead to a bad environment for ReencleMicrobe™. 

If you plan on leaving your home for days on end, don’t leave Reencle plugged in and unfed. Generally, leaving Reencle unattended shouldn’t be an issue. If you plan to travel for three days to a week, pour 500-800ml of water into Reencle before you leave. When you return, if the compost looks very dry, you can pour another 500-800ml of water and wait for a few hours. The moisture will help reactivate the microbes.

If you plan on being away for longer than a week, do not feed Reencle for 2 - 3 days prior to leaving. During these 2-3 days, click on the “Dry” setting. If the microbes are left in an overly humid environment, they can grow mold (especially if there is leftover food waste). 

On the day you’re leaving, you can switch off and unplug Reencle. Once you return home, plug in the power cord, click the power on button and add 500ml of water. After about 6 - 8 hours, Reencle should be ready to use again.

We hope you’re excited about receiving your Reencle soon! Keep to these do’s and don’ts and head on over to our website’s FAQ section to find out more about Reencle. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about Reencle, reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook

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