Recycling Centres In Malaysia

Recycling Centres In Malaysia

Knowing where to start in your journey towards contributing to the environment can be daunting. While it’s certainly more convenient to let items like old clothes, e-waste, and other unusable household items end up in landfills, recycling these items is actually a lot more accessible than you might think. Not only will recycling save the environment, but you might also earn a couple of Ringgits in the process! Did someone say win-win? 

That being said, here are some Recycling Centres in Malaysia!


1. IPC Recycling & Buy-Back Centre 

The recycling and buy-back centre at IPC has an interesting twist to traditional recycling, making it fun and alluring to the public. Here’s how it works: recycle, earn tack points, and redeem rewards. Some of the recyclables are cardboard/paper, plastic, metal and textile such as clothes, bedsheets and curtains. If you’d like to know more about what’s recyclable and non-recyclable at IPC, check out IPC’s website where all the steps and FAQ’s are laid out for your understanding!  

2. E-Waste Management in Malaysia

E-waste refers to electrical and electronic appliances that no longer serve their purpose; either due to being broken, or old and obsolete. These include televisions, personal laptops/computers, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. 

Due to the bulkier nature of these items, it can be a challenge to dispose of them correctly in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Malaysia’s Department of Environment has come up with an accessible solution to this problem, by creating the E-waste management system. This program works by allowing the public to send their e-waste to their nearest collection centres.

A list of collection centres can be found here.

3. Alam Flora Buy-Back 

This buy-back centre is another way you can make cash with your trash! By selling your recycled items, you can earn cash and Petronas Mesra points. The way this process works is, once you sort your collection and bring it to the Buy-Back Centre, where the staff members will assist you in weighing your items according to their categories. Then, your recyclables are calculated to determine the exchange of cash and Mesra points after which you will receive a sales receipt. 

You can check Alam Flora Buy-Back here!

4. Kloth Cares

One of the biggest causes of the severe strain on our landfills is fast fashion and overconsumption when it comes to clothes. Especially due to the exceedingly speedy trend-cycles perpetuated by social media trends, clothes are going in and out of fashion faster than ever before. This unprecedented rate of clothing disposal is a dire situation for our planet, making Kloth Cares a vital organization to be aware of. 

Check this list out for Kloth Cares’ bin listing locations!

You no longer have to worry about where to start in terms of your recycling journey. Going green is a life-long pursuit, and every small step you take has a positive impact on our planet. Don’t forget to send this list to your friends and family who are looking to recycle! We’re all in this together. 

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