Is Reencle Really Green When It Requires Electricity

Is Reencle Really Green When It Requires Electricity

While supporting your eco journey with the right household appliances is essential, it’s inevitable to come across products like Reencle and question just how “green” it really is. This rationalism is one that we believe to be important, as the unfortunate truth is, many corporations will attempt to misuse the “green” or “eco” label on their products that do more harm than good.  

For transparency, Reencle uses 1.44kWh of electricity per day. This translates to 300 grams of carbon dioxide. In comparison, 1kg of food waste (the amount of food waste which Reencle takes within a day), produces 2500 grams of carbon dioxide as well as 65 grams of methane. In simpler terms, this just means that Reencles puts far less carbon dioxide and methane into the environment when compared to letting food wastes end up in landfills. 

Methane is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide when it comes to trapping heat in the atmosphere. One of the biggest causes of methane? You guessed it - food waste in landfills. We also leave other appliances running 24/7. Think of your fridge, your wifi router and so on. These consume more electricity than Reencle, yet we seldom seem eager to put an end to our use of these appliances.

It's important that as a sustainability-encouraging product, Reencle is able to reduce methane emissions via its use. While we recognize how far we’ve got to go in this journey, we’re grateful to be able to provide an option for better food waste management in Malaysia. 

All in all, the benefit of using Reencle (despite its use of electricity), is that in addition to the reduction of greenhouse gases, it also allows us to create a byproduct that can be used to complete nature’s cycle and give new life to the earth. Using Reencle’s nutrient-dense compost allows for the reduction of synthetic compost, increases soil fertility and water retention, reduces the likelihood of soil erosion and so much more. With Reencle, we’re choosing to fight one good fight at a time. Hopefully, as we conduct more research and continue to develop Reencle as a product, we will also be able to make it more sustainable along the way. 

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