How You Can Get A FREE Reencle

How You Can Get A FREE Reencle

In case you didn't already know, Reencle Malaysia is currently running a giveaway in collaboration with Zero Waste Malaysia! We are looking to give TWO (2) of you a FREE Reencle.

We've had some remarkable support from our customers, despite us being a relatively new name in Malaysia. We genuinely believe that you deserve a chance to get yourself your very own Reencle compost machine. 


The participation for this giveaway is to be done on our Instagram page exclusively. You're expected to send in your submissions in video form via our Instagram account. If your account is private, fret not! Simply send us an Instagram DM with your video for our reviewing. 

Refer to the image below to find out how exactly you can stand a chance to win!

Everything you need to know is over on our Instagram Story Highlights titled "GIVEAWAY". We hope you join this giveaway, and hopefully you'll be the next proud owner of a brand new unit of Reencle indoor composter!

Don't forget to check out Zero Waste Malaysia on Instagram to follow their updates on this giveaway, too! 

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