Best Appliances for Modern Green Homes

Best Appliances for Modern Green Homes

Whether you've just begun your eco-journey or are a few years in, you might be looking for more ways to incorporate eco-friendly items into your life. This change is so much easier to accommodate today, thanks to all the developments we’ve made in “green” technology. Keep reading to find out what eco-friendly appliances you can bring into your home!

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Induction Stove/Cooktop

Induction cooktops can be three times more energy efficient than gas cooktops. When you use induction stoves, less energy is lost to the surrounding air as the cookware is the source of heat itself; therefore subsequently reducing the HVAC system’s overall workload.

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Your options for induction cooktops in Malaysia are vast, with brands like Panasonic, Tefal and even Ikea offering up their own versions of the product for you to choose from. There are even portable versions of induction hobs, so you can definitely count on being spoilt for choice! 

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Coffee Grinder

Though coffee grinders surely had no way of being eco-friendly in the past, they are now able to become a seamless part of your green home. Take Ikea’s Metallisk Coffee Grinder for instance, which requires no electricity to run. You get to save money and the environment (not to mention have delicious, freshly-ground coffee!) 

Electric Composter 

You can hardly have a green home if your household is actively contributing to the food waste problem. Malaysia’s food waste accumulates into an amount that could fill up to not one, not two, but seven Olympic-sized swimming pools daily.

Reencle is a Korean-made indoor compost machine that launched in Malaysia in 2022 and has already become a household staple for hundreds of people across the nation. Korea’s leading composter, Reencle, takes up to 1kg of household food scraps every day, repurposing them into nutrient-rich compost!

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Miele Appliances

Ranging from washers to dryers and dishwashers, this German family-owned brand has been on the path to going carbon-neutral by 2050. They are already carbon-neutral across their different locations; in terms of the greenhouse gas emissions from their own production processes. 

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Their appliances are also designed with sustainability and recyclability in mind. Some of their products are made up of 100% recyclable metals.  

It’s important to take into account the many different elements of our lives into which sustainability can be incorporated. Our homes are often a reflection of our values and set the tone for the way we navigate the world. It’s also a good place to start our eco-journeys!

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