A Reencle Reflection: My Reencle Experience After One Year Of Use

A Reencle Reflection: My Reencle Experience After One Year Of Use

Almost exactly a year ago today, I was introduced to Reencle - the automatic indoor compost machine. Prior to hearing about Reencle, I wasn’t involved in any form of composting. To be perfectly candid, I barely knew what composting even was.

As a twenty-something living in a high-rise apartment, I would have never expected a solution to my food waste this convenient. Since I started living alone, I realized (very quickly) that I was no match to the portion sizes of food I ordered from restaurants. Even when I cook for myself, food waste seemed painfully unavoidable - vegetable stems, peels and leftovers; you name it, I produced it. 

When I got my Reencle, it had just been launched in Malaysia. I decided to take a leap of faith and couldn’t be happier for doing just that. It’s become my most-used kitchen appliance, and so many people in my life have begun their own composting journey after seeing how convenient my Reencle is to use!

In this article, I share these top 5 of my favourite things about Reencle after a year of using it:

  1. I Cook & Eat Guilt-Free
  2. My Friends’ Kids Love Reencle
  3. It Feels Evergreen
  4. My Home Feels (& Looks) More Modern
  5. No Frequent Repurchases

Food Is Entirely Guilt-Free!

As I briefly mentioned earlier, finishing food as someone who lives alone is not exactly the easiest habit for me to practice. I never realized how huge food portions were until I moved out into my own apartment. With this new norm of inevitably wasting food came a whole lot of guilt.

I felt like I was letting the environment down by creating so much food waste even just as a sole individual. I started skipping meals and generally eating less out of fear I would waste more food on a daily basis. 

Since Reencle takes up to 1kg of food scraps every day, I can now eat guilt-free because I know that whatever I can’t finish will simply be turned into nutrient-filled compost by my Reencle!

I enjoy the convenience of being able to add food waste to Reencle at any point during the day as long as I don’t exceed the 1kg/day limit. This is because Reencle doesn’t run on specific cycles. I can simply add food to Reencle after and even between meals!

I now eat as much as I can, and feed Reencle the rest. Cooking has also become significantly less stressful as I just add fruit and vegetable peels/skins, unused food parts and expiring food into my Reencle!


As someone who doesn’t have kids but has a lot of friends who do, inviting friends over for meals has become so much more fun! Reencle, despite being a kitchen appliance, is extremely kid-safe. It contains no blades or grinders and has a touch-free sensor. My friends’ little ones absolutely love swiping their foot to open Reencle and add food in! I also like that the sensor can be turned off, so I don’t have to worry about kids using Reencle unsupervised. This will also be convenient for pet owners who worry about their sneaky pets activating Reencle’s sensor by walking past it!

No Wear & Tear

For a kitchen appliance that runs 24/7, I have been pleasantly surprised by Reencle’s sturdiness and lack of wear-and-tear! I’ve fed Reencle my food scraps and harvested its compost output more times than I can count, and it has never malfunctioned nor does it show any signs of wear! A year later, it has held up so well that it looks virtually brand new! 

Cleaning Reencle is not a must, but I still like giving it a wipe using a damp cloth every other week or so. This maintains the sleek appearance of my machine and doesn’t allow for it to get too dusty or dirty over time. 

Modernized Sustainability

Perhaps one of my favourite things about Reencle is how it brought sustainability right to my doorstep. Becoming sustainable by practising more green habits has always been a goal of mine. However, it can be so intimidating to know just how or when to start. With an overload of information and so many opinions on how to seemingly do sustainability “the right way”, I may have never started my sustainability journey if not for Reencle.

I never knew that sustainability could look so sleek, could be so clean, noiseless, convenient or attainable! Reencle is the epitome of sustainability made modern. My life has never looked so good while being sustainable! I wholeheartedly believe that every contemporary house should consider using Reencle. I mean, the bridge for the gap between modernity and sustainability is right here; what are we still waiting for?


Not only did I get to save RM400 on my Reencle by placing an order early (not the mention Atome’s 0% interest instalments), but the upkeep has also been extremely budget-friendly! 

When I was surveying for indoor composters, I felt discouraged by the amount of self-proclaimed “indoor compost” brands that felt like a huge monetary commitment I wasn’t ready for. Between sneakily-worded subscription packages, to elements that needed constant repurchases, I felt like I would never find a compost machine that fit my lifestyle and budget.

Reencle surprised me in the best way. Upon my initial order, I received 2 carbon filters (one of which has barely run out!) which included a spare. Since Reencle’s carbon filters last up to a year each, I still have a whole year to go free of any repurchases! The microbes that keep creating compost out of my food waste are nearly impossible to kill. Considering how not tech-savvy I am, I’m extremely happy to say I have not killed mine! All I do is make sure that I’m feeding my machine with Reencle-friendly food scraps, and I avoid adding oil-heavy contents at all costs! This has allowed me to use my Reencle without any hiccups. 

When I think about my future living situations involving a partner and perhaps even a family, I rest assured knowing that Reencle will come with me into any home I create. It’s a staple I don’t see myself ever being able to let go of. I also look forward to showing my loved ones how important it is to ensure that our lifestyle accommodates the reduction of our carbon footprint. 

If you’d like to start your green journey with Reencle, you can also join me and save RM400 on your order! Click the link here and use the code “VIP400” to enjoy this sweet deal! 

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