Why Malaysians Don't Want To Compost

Why Malaysians Don't Want To Compost

When it comes to environmental issues, it’s easy to look around with a judgemental cap on while asking “Why aren’t they doing more?!” However, a lack of action regarding any situation can often be attributed to several factors. In this article, we explore some of those factors. 

Malaysians are not accustomed to composting as an effort to reduce our food waste, and we’re here to talk about why!

Lack of Knowledge

One of the primary reasons Malaysians don't want to compost is their lack of knowledge about the process. Composting requires a certain level of understanding and education, and many Malaysians are not aware of the benefits or how to properly compost. Without this information, motivating people to take action can be difficult.


Another reason why Malaysians may not want to compost is because it can be costly. Composting requires special equipment such as bins, tumblers, and aerators which can all add up in cost. Additionally, some composting methods require additional inputs such as soil amendments or organic matter which can also add to the overall cost of composting.

Space Limitations

Malaysians may also be reluctant to compost due to space limitations in their homes or apartments. Many urban areas do not have access to large outdoor spaces for composting, making it difficult for those living in these areas to find a suitable spot for their bin or tumbler. Additionally, some apartment buildings may not allow residents to keep bins or tumblers on their balconies or patios due to space constraints or other regulations.

Lack of Support from Government and Businesses

Finally, Malaysians may be discouraged from composting due to a lack of support from government and businesses. Composting initiatives often require funding and resources from both public and private sectors in order for them to be successful; however, there is often a lack of investment from both entities which makes it difficult for these initiatives to gain traction in the country.

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